A new aluminium pilot plant with world leading efficiency


tonnes annual production


more energy efficient than world average

Lowest CO2 emissions in the world

Norsk Hydro’s newly opened pilot plant in Karmoy Norway will reduce the energy consumed in smelting aluminium by 15%. The plant uses new electrolysis production technology to achieve world-leading climate- and energy efficiency.

The global average for energy consumption from aluminium production is 14.1 MWh/ton. Hydro’s Karmoy pilot plant will reduce consumption to below 12.3 MWh/ton. It will also have the lowest CO2 emissions in the world.

To begin, the 0.5 billion EUR project will produce 75,000 tons of primary aluminium annually. If all Hydro’s worldwide smelters eventually use this new technology, would be energy savings equivalent to almost the entire Norwegian annual hydropower production, more than 100 TWh.

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