Product Environmental Footprint


The Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) is a single EU methodology to measure the environmental footprint of products. We are part of the European Commission’s pilot process, testing how the PEF methodology can be applied to metal sheets.

Why it’s important

As part of the transition to a sustainable Europe, it’s crucial that society understands the impacts of their products. To reach that understanding, we need a robust methodology for evaluating products across their whole life cycle. The PEF methodology is an opportunity to achieve that, but only if it’s well designed.

What we are seeking

We aim to ensure that the PEF methodology is well-fitted to the characteristics of metals. In particular:

  • Recognising that metals are a permanent material, which can be recycled again and again
  • Accepting that we cannot accurately model environment and human health toxicity, until major advances are made
  • Ensuring a workable methodology for resource depletion and land use 

Kamila Slupek

Sustainability Manager


+32 2 775 63 25

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