Circular Economy 2.0


In March 2020, the European Commission adopted a renewed EU Circular Economy Action plan. It promotes sustainable product design, waste reduction and sustainable growth as pre-requisites of reaching the objectives of the EU Green Deal, and of the 2050 climate-neutrality.

+ 50%

of base metals produced in Europe come from recycling


EU e-waste is not recycled properly

Why it’s important

Achieving a metals Circular Economy will contribute to Europe’s green & digital transition, reducing import dependency and increasing domestic and sustainable supply of raw materials for strategic value chains.

Collectively, we can do more to make sure Europe’s waste metals reach high-quality recyclers. Too many are still discarded, exported, or improperly recycled, despite EU metals demand increasing in line with the climate transition.

What we are seeking

Europe should make it a priority to build on its recycling leadership and improve the supply of metals and other strategic materials for the green and digital transitions. In particular:

  • Support high-quality treatment of metals
  • Streamline European waste flows to high-quality recyclers
  • Ensure exported waste is recycled under equivalent conditions
  • Promote the safe recycling of hazardous substances in a Circular Economy.

Kamila Slupek

Sustainability Director


+32 2 775 63 25

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