Circular Economy


The EU’s Circular Economy Package is a landmark in creating a more resource-efficient economy. It paves the way to capitalising on Europe’s urban mine, where valuable metals can be recycled from cars, buildings, packaging, e-waste and other applications.


Base metals scrap leaves Europe annually


EU e-waste is not recycled properly

Why it’s important

Metals recycling creates economic value for Europe, as well as saving up to 95% of the energy needed to manufacture new metals from primary sources. Despite those benefits, too many of Europe’s metals still get landfilled, incinerated, or exported without guarantee of quality treatment.

The EU’s Circular Economy waste proposals and Action Plan will help make sure those metals are recycled, safely and efficiently.

What we are seeking

We’re calling on EU policymakers to prioritise material recovery in their work on the Circular Economy waste proposals:

  • Introduce a single EU method for measuring real recycling rates
  • Promote high-quality treatment of metals
  • Ensure exported waste is recycled under equivalent conditions
  • Establish ambitious and effective recycling targets
  • Harmonise definitions for by-products and classification of waste

Kamila Slupek

Sustainability Manager


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